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Jail ‘n Bail 2010 raised $2489.12 !

Judge Paula gives instructions to Sheriffs Golds and Jackson with prisoners Lee and Ganishka.

Ambassadors Rachel Wiebe, Shalee Gresiuk, Morgan Black and Erin McLeod and her captive Amanda Tater.

The McLeods are transfixed by the court.

PALS escapes and Shannon, Sharon and Shannon share a cell.

Cowboy or Zorro, you’re all going to jail !

Jail Birds: Chris Ewings, Jerry Botti, Nancy Bone, Jodi Clark

“You don’t have wireless?” Then, “GUILTY”.

The Chief Magistrate & the Sheriffs.

Corporal Bryson Hill and Constable Tim MacDonald arrest these suspects during the NACF Jail and Bail 2010. Wait is that our fearless leader?