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The 2009 Jail and Bail was held during the Nakusp Fall Fair and was very successful. The jail birds were marvelous and the community was very generous. We raised $3.704.50.  Thank you Nakusp !!

Chamber members Kim Bobicki and Michelle Williams delighted the crowd as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Ambassadors Nicole Marcolli, Alisa Carter, and Devon Leitch with Judge Paula.

Some of the cutest kids in town helping out a good cause !

Thanks for your support !

Left – Sharon Melewsky and Joanne Cowan. Right – Anne Miskulin from the food bank and granddaughter, & Rhonda Palmer

Left – Sometimes it takes the RCMP ! Right – Judge Paula considers another case.

Looks like a winning group !

Judge Paula and the Sheriff bring forth more for sentencing.

Beth McLeod gets to share a cel with Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Sharon Melewsky is being taken hostage by Joanne Cowan

Marsha Roberts, ambassador chaperone, has found herself in the cell with ambassadors Devon Leitch, Nicole Marcolli and Alisa Carter.