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The 2006 Jail and Bail raised $3,744.95 !!

Even the mayor can’t keep ’em out of jail. Karen Hamling, Randy Thiessen, Kathy Bone, Janet Royko and delinquents.

Free Willi (Willi Jahnke, Octopus productions) left, Free Duck (Councillor Doug Switzer, on the left.

Even the kids are getting involved

Dan Nicholson, editor of Valley Voice, and our girl of the hour Anita with Ben Big Canoe.

Patti Adam, Anita Sinclair & royal guests !

School Board Chair Pattie Adam serves time with Anita Sinclair and our judge appears to be accepting graft !

Christine Big Canoe bribes judge Bob Parkinson with a coffee to get her hubby Ben out of prison.