Board of Directors

David Jackson –  Chair & Public Relations (member from Sept 2007)

Vivien Berry – Vice Chair & Policy Committee, Past Chair (member from May 2006)

Shannon Roberts – Minutes Secretary & Grants Committee (member from June 2008)

Karen Hamling – Treasurer & Fundraising (founding member from 2002)

Linda Kendall – Grants Committee (member from Sept 2007)

Laura Katchen – KSCU appointee, Public Relations & Policy (member from Sept 2011)

Brenda Kennedy – joined 2017

Richard Friedenberger – joined 2017


Directors: Chair Randy Thiessen, Correspondence secretary Barb Chwachka, Secretary Karen Hamling, Director Treasurer Cyndee Morehouse and Rick McIsaac. Missing from the photo were Directors Deb Austin and Jennifer Cliff Marks. This was when we were trying to raise funds through the CBT.

Past Directors :

Ian Golds – 2008-2018 –Finance Commitee

Dan Nolan – 2009

Deborah Austin – May 2004-June 2008 – Policy Development

Barbara Chwachka – Grants Committee, Policy – 2003-2017

Jennifer Cliff-Marks – Aug. 2003-July 2006 Past Vice Chair

Rick McIsaac – 2003-June 2005

Past Chair Cyndee Morehouse – founding member 2002-2004 (June) Past Treasurer

Janet Royko – Sept 2005-June 2007

Hans Suhr – Apr 2006-August 2007

Randy Thiessen – founding member 2002-2007 (Sept)

Gary White – Feb. 2004-Sept. 2005

Earlier days :
Above – the late Gerry Schiavon (shown handing a cheque to Randy Thiessen) from Gerry & Deb Schiavon, owners of What’s Brewing On Broadway. They were the Foundation’s first business donation.

Below  – Dave Perfitt, former manager of Nakusp Overwaitea presenting a cheque to the foundation’s Barb Chwachka. Money is from donated Overwaitea Points.


Nakusp and Area Community Foundation

Box 15, Nakusp, BC, V0G 1R0